Add an artisanal and decorative touch to your interior with LaSource poufs & cushions

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Each LaSource pouf is handmade from old or new carpets, using traditional, region-specific techniques. This not only ensures a unique design but also a sustainable and authentic appearance. The poufs exude a bohemian vibe that effortlessly transforms any interior into a cozy and stylish space.

LaSource poufs are all unique pieces. You can fill them with old textiles for a sustainable option, or opt for a synthetic filling, which you can purchase separately. LaSource delivers the poufs without filling, allowing you to choose how to fill them.

In addition to the poufs, LaSource also offers beautiful cushions, which, like the poufs and carpets, are handwoven or knotted from natural materials. Typically, wool or cotton is used, and sometimes even cactus silk. The cushions are delivered with filling, so you can immediately enjoy their comfort and beauty.

Choose the poufs and cushions from LaSource and give your home an exclusive and artistic look with a story. Be inspired by the rich textures and colors these artisanal products have to offer and create a warm and inviting interior.