The story of LaSource

Step into the enchanting world of Berber rugs, where passion for art and deep cultural roots come together. Christine, hailing from Belgium with a Master's degree in Fine Arts, and Saïd, a proud Berber Amazigh, form an unbeatable duo celebrating the beauty of ethnic art and craftsmanship.

With a keen eye for detail and authenticity, Christine places great importance on the symbolism of ethnic objects, artworks, and expressions. Guided by these values, she carefully selects the items offered. Thanks to her partner Saïd, she gains access to hidden, authentic places that tourists cannot reach. Saïd's deep roots in his Berber culture bring immeasurable value to their collection. Each rug is chosen with love and precision, with some even handcrafted by their own family members.

This unique, 15 year old collaboration between Christine's expertise in art and Saïd's profound knowledge of Berber heritage results in a collection that pays tribute to craftsmanship, tradition, and cultural diversity. From the shearing of sheep to washing the wool in the river, drying it in the sun, preparing the wool for spinning, spinning the wool, dyeing it, and setting up the loom with beams and threads, every step of the rug-making process is infused with tradition and care.

Discover the warmth and beauty of Berber rugs, where every thread tells a story and every knot embraces an age-old tradition. Welcome to their world, where each rug is a unique masterpiece, steeped in history and love for the craft.

The story of LaSource begins with Itto, the mother of Saïd, who has been weaving rugs for many years. Itto’s beautiful creations found their way to Christine, whose expertise and training have equipped her to provide to the clients an invaluable advice on color, shape, style, and interior design.