Moroccan Wool Rugs: Authentic Berber Beauty


These stunning artworks are the result of centuries-old traditions of various Berber tribes, each with their own unique techniques, shapes, colors, and symbols. Originally, each region in Morocco had its own distinct style and technique, making the rugs easily recognizable and meaningful. Just like tattoos and jewelry, these rugs carried specific meanings and served special functions.


Traditional and Modern Influences

In the past, styles and techniques were strictly region-bound. Today, these influences blend more, and the boundaries between different styles are less clear. Nevertheless, some Berber women remain faithful to their ancient traditions, using region-specific techniques, symbols, colors, and patterns. Other artisans draw inspiration from external influences, resulting in an intriguing mix of old and new in the rugs they create.


Unique Techniques and Production

Moroccan wool rugs are distinguished by the variety of ways the wool is processed and knotted. The rugs are both woven and knotted, or a combination of both techniques. Creating these rugs is an intensive process that starts with shearing the sheep, followed by washing, spinning, and dyeing the wool, and setting up the loom. The threads on the loom can be made of either wool or cotton.

In some rugs, you will find fringes on only one side, which are the ends of the weaving threads. The time of year when the sheep are sheared varies by region and also influences the quality of the wool.


Why Choose a Moroccan Wool Rug?

  1. Authentic Tradition: Bring a piece of Berber heritage into your home with rugs made according to centuries-old traditions.
  2. Unique Designs: Each rug is a unique piece of art, with specific techniques and symbols that tell a story.
  3. Handmade Craftsmanship: Support the local economy and the artisans who have passed down their knowledge and skills through generations.
  4. Quality Materials: Enjoy the high quality of carefully selected and processed wool.

Explore our collection and discover the enchanting beauty and rich traditions of Moroccan wool rugs. Each piece in our collection tells a story and brings a unique combination of culture, history, and craftsmanship to your interior.