Boucherouite Moroccan Rugs: Authentic Berber Art


These unique artworks, crafted by the Berber communities of Morocco, are much more than mere floor coverings; they are a colorful expression of culture, craftsmanship, and sustainability.


What are Boucherouite Rugs?

Boucherouite rugs are handmade by Berber women in the vast desert, the rugged Atlas Mountains, and the idyllic rural areas of Morocco. These rugs are special because of their composition: they consist of a variety of threads, textures, fabrics, and materials. From wool and cotton to recycled textile scraps and old clothing, everything finds a second life in these colorful weavings.


A Playful Mix of Patterns and Colors

Each Boucherouite rug is unique and tells its own story through the patterns and colors woven into it. The Berber women use their creativity and heritage to weave and knot the rugs, often combining traditional symbols and motifs with modern influences. The result is a dynamic play of colors that brings any space to life and introduces an authentic piece of Moroccan culture into your home.


Sustainability and Authentic Recycling

What truly sets Boucherouite rugs apart is their role in sustainable practices. By using recycled materials, these rugs contribute to eco-friendly production processes. Each piece is an example of authentic recycling, transforming old materials into something new and beautiful. This not only makes each rug unique but also a responsible choice for your interior.


Why Choose a Boucherouite Rug?

  1. Unique and Handmade: Each rug is handmade and unique, a true piece of art.
  2. Cultural Heritage: Bring a piece of Berber tradition and culture into your home.
  3. Sustainable: Support eco-friendly practices by choosing a rug made from recycled materials.
  4. Colorful and Creative: Add a vibrant play of colors to your interior with the beautiful patterns and hues of Boucherouite rugs.

Discover the magic of Boucherouite rugs and be inspired by the rich Berber traditions and sustainable beauty that each piece offers. Explore our collection and find the perfect rug that tells a story and enriches your space.